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We are a company engaged in the field of Information and Communication Technology, System Integrators, IT Consultants and Internet of Things SOLUTION PROVIDER.
We provide services as IT consultants, software and hardware development based on the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing,.
We developed the applications and systems based on research and analysis of customer needs.
We continue to create and innovate and collaborate with existing systems to develop appropriate technologies.

Founded Date Sep 13, 2014
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Surya Odang


Why you choose Microthings

Sensors to Cloud and Internet of Things Platform
Microthings is Monitoring and control system platform based on Internet of Things. Providing solution that can be used and applied to control & monitor your daily life wherever or whenever within your hand

Introduction :
There are billions of devices in factories, oil wells, hospitals, cars, and thousands of other places. With the proliferation of devices, you increasingly need solutions to connect them, and collect, store, and analyze device data. Microthings IoT provides broad and deep functionality, spanning the edge to the cloud, so you can build IoT solutions for virtually any use case across a wide range of devices, such as sensors, PLC, smart meters.

Why Microthings IoT
Data encryption transmission,anti-peeping, tamper-proof.
3 dimensions of data access management:department, role, user.

High reliability
Data backup: The database support Active/Standby Architecture,Same City Disaster Recovery, Remote Disaster Recovery to prevent data loss
Flexible expansion:Can expand server capacity as needed
High reliability: load balance mechanism. When one server failed, other available servers will work and the service will not be interrupted.
7X24Hour Available:Micro-service mechanism, Device 7X24Hour Online are supported,even when the platform is upgrading.

Powerful function
Real-time remote alarm/Real-time remote control/Real-time remote configuration.
Various alarm methods:Phone call/SMS/Wechat/E-mail/APP push
Multi-Language Support: Chinese, English , Spanish are supported right now , other language could be customized as you wish.
Multi-time zone Support: You could manage the devices all around the world in one platform without worried the time zone problem.
Multi-Terminal Support: WEB/APP/Wechat Mini Progame/Pad.

Main Functions
User Permission Management
Permission management :Department, role, user three dimensions of data access management,Support manufacturers, distributors, users’ permission mode, and support both individual users and enterprise users.
Individual user mode: Users can only view the device under the user.
Enterprise user mode: Allow multiple users to manage devices at the same

Device Management
Onekey installation:
Microthings device default connected to Microthings IoT, using APP scan to add the device to your user, then you could begin the data acquisition and control device at once.
Remote configuration:
Support device real-time remote configuration/restart/reset,Maintenance personnel can configure the device remotely.
Google map : Map display location, support recording device running track.

Real-time Monitoring
Large screen display:Display the total number of devices, users, alarm records, trigger task execution alarm etc.

Trigger Alarm
Trigger task:A variety of trigger conditions,supports high/low value trigger/delay detection alarm/ device off-line etc.
Multiple Alarm Notify Methods:
Supports Phone call/SMS/Wechat/E-mail/APP.
Machine to Machine control:
Control device B when device A trigger some condition.

Timer Task
A variety of timer tasks for device management, support for daily, weekly, monthly, monthly end, fixed time intervals, etc

Historical Analysis
Historical data :Supports sensor data,device on/off line,device alarm,device control historical data inquire display,and graph display.
Historical data export: download historical data into EXCEL file and export the graph .

Multi-Terminal Display
Multi-Terminal Support:Display on PC,Large screen LED,Cell phone,Pad
Advantages: NO Need to build your own Data Center, NO Need to develop
IoT cloud platform by yourself, NO Need to hire IT team.
Value-added service: You could use your own Domain Name to login, You could have your own Logo on the platform.

API for your own APP/WEB:
Microthings provides 2 methods, if you need to develop your own APP/WEB.
API from Microthings IoT,
Parts ports list of Connecting with Microthings cloud platform via RESTful API


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